Saturday, May 22, 2010


"Help! Help! Help! Don't shoot me" these must be the wordings of our protective layer " THE OZONE LAYER". All must be enjoying coolness provided by Air Conditioners, Yummy Ice-Creams from the Refrigerators.
Today most of our urban population is using Ac's and Refrigerators. The conversion of rural areas to city have made the rural one's also supporting this luxury allotment provided. In this Global Warming who must be not wanting cool air and food, but Guys! do you know that the CFC (Chlorofluoro Carbon) emitted by the Ac's and Refrigerators have made holes in the Ozone Layer.
This Ozone Layer is the protective layer to protect the people on earth by filtering the direct rays of the sun. The rays of the sun are very harmful causing SKIN CANCER, CATARACT etc. The Ozone Layer which is the protective layer absorbs this ultraviolet rays of the sun filter it and then pass it on to the earth.
But because of the holes in the Ozone Layer the direct rays of the sun are entering through the holes made by the CFC to the Ozone Layer. Due to this people are suffering from various skin diseases, which leads to death.
People are satisfying their thirst for coolness but they don't know that this thirst will become a rope of death" FHASI KA FANDA" for them in the future.
So people "Save Our Ozone" for Bright, Safe and Happy future.


  1. thats som vrey good gramars You hvae there

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